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Please browse through our site and learn how Puckorius & Associates, Inc. can solve your water treatment problems as we have for hundreds of industrial, municipal, government, and institutional clients throughout the world.  P&A's consulting services include:  developing cost-effective industrial water treatment programs and bid specifications; providing 3rd-Party evaluation of water treatment programs; solving problems related to water treatment; performing root-cause and failure analysis of water-contacting equipment; providing expert witness/litigation support; seminars, and developing market studies.


Puckorius & Associates, Inc. (P&A), is an independent, water and wastewater management consulting firm.  P&A sells no water treatment chemicals or equipment, only unbiased, professional consulting services. Since 1976, P&A has provided value-added consulting services that benefit our clients by Using Water Treatment Technologies to Turn Problem Situations into Money-Saving Opportunities thru:
  • Higher Productivity 
  • Maximum Energy Efficiency 
  • Design Heat Transfer Restoration 
  • Capital Cost Avoidance
  • Lower Water Usage and Cost (Water Conservation and Reuse Water)
  • Lower Costs for Water Conditioning and Chemical Treatment
P&A, in most instances, is able to provide our clients with concepts, ideas, and recommendations 
that generate cost savings which equal or greatly exceed the consulting fees associated with the services provided.

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P&A Provides Practical Solutions to Water-Related Problems:pic
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  • Microbial Activity

  • Mineral   Scales

  • Corrosion 

  •  Fouling 

  • Improper  Treatment

  • Water Quality


See the “Ideas that Hold Water within this website to learn how P&A can solve your water treatment problems.


We have moved so please update your contact information for us.  Our phone numbers and address are below.
Water Training Services by Puckorius.  Visit our new Company Website for information on Water Training for Industrial Plants.  Offering Water Training Services for Utility Power Plants, Commercial/Institutional Facilities, and Industrial Operations.


To Learn How We Can Help You, Call a P&A Water Treatment Problem Solver at 800-275-9897 

Puckorius & Associates, Inc. 
7828 West 90th Avenue
Westminster, CO 80021
Tel: 303-638-0587 (cell)
E-mail: Paul@puckorius.com


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